Live Action Games With Personal Touch
Have you ever thought that you would be sitting in front of your home computer, wearing pajamas and drinking a hot cup of tea, the online casino loaded on the screen, and you would find yourself asking the dealer to speak slower? Not slow down the game pace, which is a simple feature that has been around online gambling sites for ages, but actually ask the dealer to speak slower. With live dealer games, in which gamblers face not only a computer and a game on the screen, but also a person, flesh and blood, managing the table, this scenario is taking place right this moment around the Web.
New Power Blackjack To Spice Up The 21 Game
A leading online casino software developer has recently announced the launch of its latest game, Power Blackjack. With two powerful features which promise to challenge novice online casino players and experts alike, this blackjack game is expected to bring many entertaining hours to your late nights hooked online.

Dream & Win Launches With Formula 1, MiG Draws (Press Release)
Dream & Win, the online raffle that makes dreams come true, today launched operations by opening the drawing on an extraordinary prize package: the Formula One Race Car Driving School. Dream & Win players will be able to bid on -- and win -- an all-e

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New Power Blackjack To Spice Up The 21 Game
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